Welcome to www.Shaw650.com, the home of one of the world's fastest production 6.5m sportsboats!

The Shaw 650 created by Designer Rob Shaw is a lightweight design that is easily driven, with lower sheet loads, easier planing and easier transportation. If you want to combine outstanding downwind performance with a boat that is rewarding and enjoyable sailing around any race course, we've got the answer to keeping up with the fleet (or leaving the fleet behind).  Our production Shaw 650 is fast, affordable and fun, to find out more about our design you've come to the right place!

The Shaw 650 already offers class racing in Australia, and has growing fleets in Thailand, USA, NZ and Switzerland.  We are the only sportsboat class that both offers production boats as well as actively supporting home builds, with plans available and one design rules developed to encourage home builds to race against glass boats.  Production Shaw 650s offer high quality with performance to match.

Shaw 650 4 Xmas

Get stuck into it this season, with a brand new Shaw 650.  Thanks to changes in currency exchange rates, we can offer special 'not to be published' pricing on new boats.
Send an email to us to find out more

Octopusssy 4 u?

Sadly, as a result of the owner, Rees, somehow deciding he needs to grow up and be more responsible (something about a house or savings taking priority over a boat, I mean, dude, seriously?!) now is your chance - OCTOPUSSY FOR SALE

NZ built production Shaw 650, possibly the fastest Shaw to date, having always been highly competitive amongst the Shaw 650 fleet and on SMS.


Shaw 650 Stage 2 Kits TwoPacks Now For Sale

As another innovation to help the aspiring sailor who wants to go faster, but doesn't want to break their wallet, we are now selling Shaw 650 stage 2 kits two packs.

What does this include?

- 2 Shaw 650s including foils, keel, hatches, EVA deck, assorted deckgear, latest generation C-Tech full twin spreader continuous stay style carbon rig, rigging wire

- marked holes for deckgear (most of which are tapped already)

- premade trailer bunks

What do I need to do?

- mount the deckgear and chainplates

- set up a trailer (ideal for a country where you need to register a road trailer or have a desire to produce a custom trailer of your own)

- glue together the mast with plexus/sparbond and paint with anti UV

- run the control lines, sheets, etc

- provide your own turnbuckles, and swage then attach to your rig

- insert keel into boat, and attach the wedge

- add sails, boat cover and a load of beer

- go sail!


We estimate the total cost of the finishing work is less than $3,000-$5,000 USD (most of which is the trailer), and the time required is around 40 - 100 hours (depends totally on how fast you are).  What it means for you is:

- easier shipping (we provide the 2 boats packaged together)

- simpler process for registration of the trailer (applicable in certain markets)

- reduced lead time in production

- you have the ability to set the boat up how you would like (some people prefer Ronstan, some people prefer Harken, some people want to do something weird and wonderful like a kite 2:1 halyard)

- substantial cost savings which means a lower cost for you

- note we can adjust or add as needed (e.g. if you want our sails just add them onto the price)


PRICE FOB ex Laem Chabang: $55,000 USD

Estimated shipping cost 1 container (most places in the world) $6,000 USD

Estimated duty on arrival depends on the country average $6,000 USD

Additional expense needed to set boat up X2 (estimate only) $7,000 USD

Additional expense for sails X2 (estimate only) $8,000 USD

Labour to set boat up - no cost allocated (time is money, except when it comes to boats)

TOTAL PRICE ~$82,000 USD = around $41,000 USD per boat


Comparing to what else is around, that's a sweet, sweet deal.  Hit us up for more information, and start sailing a Shaw 650 TODAY!