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The Shaw 650 created by Designer Rob Shaw is a lightweight design that is easily driven, with lower sheet loads, easier planing and easier transportation. If you want to combine outstanding downwind performance with a boat that is rewarding and enjoyable sailing around any race course, we've got the answer to keeping up with the fleet (or leaving the fleet behind).  Our production Shaw 650 is fast, affordable and fun, to find out more about our design you've come to the right place!

The Shaw 650 already offers class racing in Australia, and has growing fleets in Thailand, USA, NZ and Switzerland.  We are the only sportsboat class that both offers production boats as well as actively supporting home builds, with plans available and one design rules developed to encourage home builds to race against glass boats.  Production Shaw 650s offer high quality with performance to match.

Shaw 650s Dominate at Queensland State Champs 2014

Once again Captain David Ellis showed he not only can captain the big boats, but also the Shaws, winning the Queensland State Championship ASBA Regatta in October 2014 for a 2nd year in a row with his Shaw 650 The Stig's Audi Cousin, supported by Audi Penfold.

Sadly, only joined by one other Shaw 650, Peow Peow, the 650s put on a pretty decent showing, finishing 1st and 2nd in a mixed fleet including Viper 640s, M24, Leech and a couple of bigger boats.  Quickest on the water and picking the right side of the course throughout the regatta, David Ellis said, "the pressure was on because there were no drops.  We finished the first race in 2nd to Peow Peow, and realised there was some improvements we could make, refocused and then started to really sail well in the upwind legs, and the Shaw 650s are pretty dominant downwind already, so it really was key to nail our upwind speed where we were hitting 6.5 knots consistently, and that meant we had a good clear lane downwind to sail our own race."

Results of the regatta can be found here:

And for those of you wanting to see what driving a race in the light in a Shaw 650 looks like, look no further than here!

Pornstar Rocks the Opening Weekend

The mighty Pornstar's season started yesterday, with Chris Bland earning major kudos (or kouros as we prefer to call it, the scent of the 1990s used car salesman able to be enjoyed from a radius of 100m) for returning her name back to Pornstar, plus a good result to boot!

2nd Hand Shaw CRIME SCENE for SALE NOW!

As we have some major production going on, if you have always wanted a Shaw 650, but thought the price was beyond reach, think again!