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  Sailboat, Shaw650 Sportboat design details  
  Shaw650 is build for high performance sailing and sailboat racing. Fast, light weight yacht design. Shaw 650 Sailboat is a high performance sportboat design. We build new sailboat for sale as well as providing contact point for shaw650 used sailboats for sale.  
*Stunning performance *Simple to sail and operate *Quality construction *Good value *Competitive in keelboat & sportboat racing


Shaw 650 sportboat design : Superior sailing performance

high performance low cost sportboat, sailboatA sportboat is a performance day sailor designed for performance, safety and stability. The Shaw 650 brings speed to more people, with maximum performance at this size, combined with affordable pricing. Lightweight and well mannered, easy planing and easier transportation – this is the answer to performance one design racing.

  • Fast: one of the quickest sportboats in this size, competitive in keelboat, sportboat and OD fleets

  • Affordable: highest levels of specification and construction at a reasonable price, with long term value thanks to NZ technology and expertise in construction and high quality parts

  • Fun: easy to sail, low sheet loads, easy to rig and transport

Every boat features the same high quality of construction which has been created by marine professionals in New Zealand most of whom also own or race Shaw 650s themselves.

Hull design Yacht designer : Rob Shaw
As one of the new generation of southern hemisphere designers, Rob Shaw has already made his mark, producing the fastest sportboats in New Zealand and now some of the fastest boats sub 50 feet with his canting 9m design…..more
Carbon construction

Light weight, high performance
The 650 has speed and height upwind, then lights up downwind in anything above 10 knots. The low sheet loads and simple controls mean anyone can go fast, yet the 650 rewards trim and effort….more

Carbon construction Quality construction
High performance light weight laminated construction has been tested to find an optimum strength to weight ratio that will last, ensuring the best in performance sailing that is the benchmark for lightness and stiffness ratios for production sportboats in this size…..more
Hull design Foils : Computer design keel and rudder
Shaw650 extensively used computer optimised shapes tested for optimized lift and minimized drag; the construction of foils and the foolproof safety system of the keel are major assets of the Shaw….more
Hull design Rig and sails
Effortless performance using a moderate sized full carbon twin spreader rig sporting state of the art sails in shape and materials with weight savings from the latest synthetic rigging maximises performance of the Shaw 650….more
Sail setup Simple to set up
With a light weight rig, and overall low weight, less time setting up means more time sailing. The Shaw features lots of simple ways to ensure you spend more time on the water and less on land, without any heavy lifting or effort….more
Extra options Extra options, extra fun
The Shaw 650 can be more than just a great one design boat. Shorthanded racing, adding the excitement and fun of trapeze sailing or optimising the boat with different sail options, sportboat sailing is more than just racing….more
IRC rating Ratings
One design is fun…but sometimes you have to sail with others. The Shaw 650 delivers the performance to race within other sportboats or to sail in mixed fleets under a variety of rule systems including IRC, SBR, PHRF….more
One design sport boat One design
Rules govern how the Shaw 650 class will develop. In order to create a class that will stay modern and continue to stay fast this means fair and simple class rules that not allow all boats to be equal, but also to ensure that costs stay reasonable for all owners….more
Specification Specification
Detailed information on the complete Shaw 650, the summary of dimensions, sail area and displacement; everything you need to understand the design and size including materials specifications….more


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